This series showcases the transformative journey of the Spring 2020 Capsule by uniting a multitude of elements to bring forth БАНЯ (Banya). Set in Brooklyn, New York, БАНЯ brings together Occhii’s friends and family. We follow as Olga and Victoria take another look at this conventional setting, partaking in activities as an ethereal presence. The traditional elements of steam, water, wood, tiles and cool white fluorescent lighting interplay with Occhii’s one-of-one reclaimed scarf pieces. Shot on film, this series exhibits an unreplicable capsule featuring pieces made from bonded and reclaimed wool shawls to a patchwork scarf with pigments, dye stains and print misalignments. БАНЯ serves to highlight Occhii’s core values of using unique and overlooked materials and bridging sustainability with tradition.


Campaign 1

Campaign Team:

Photographer: Guillaume Roemaet

Creative Direction: Ilona Davidoff

Hair: Erol Karadağ

Make Up: Agus Suga

Photography Assistants: Kévin Drelon, Felix Cadieu

Production: Roberto Hungria

BTS Photography: Nina Hermann

BTS Moving Image: Deer Studios, Yaël Bienenstock

Occhii Creative Team: Leonid Batekhin, Ilona Davidoff, Ryu Tomita

Special Thank You: Russian Bath on Neck Road, Shyam Patel

Cast: Olga Anikina, Victoria Thomsen

Cheryl J. Sullivan, Mark C. Fullhardt, Lewis Gardner, Billy S Nigel, Askad Rustamov,  Andrey Zakharov, Paul Wood, Tyler Carrington, Grant, Sam, Nelly, Marina, Kostya, Dami, Shannon, Edik, Edik II